Loc Lac

This one comes to you courtesy of my first trip to Southeast Asia. (Stay tuned for some Laotian recipes further on down the road.)  I considered it a mission to snag one cookbook from each country (Cambodia and Laos) but ended up spending way too much of my souvenir budget on this gem: 2015-04-01 18.36.11

Mostly because of the gorgeous food pictures. From Lotus Editions, Cambodia.

I tried the recipe for Loc Lac, which I saw on nearly every menu during my visit but never tried because OMG the fish amok was my jam. Then again, steaming pretty much anything in a fresh coconut shell has to make it better, right? Anyway, the Loc Lac was tasty and super easy for a weeknight dinner. I think it would make a great dinner for a hot summer day when fresh veggies are lurking around your kitchen and you don’t want to mess with the stove for too long.

2015-04-01 18.55.15

Here’s the recipe (with conversions):


1 pound (roughly) beef  sirloin or filet

6 tbs oil

1 tbs sugar 2 cloves garlic, minced

1 english cucumber, chopped

1 tomato chopped

pinch of pepper

1 carrot

hot sauce and lemon squeezes

1. cut the meat into squares about the size of your thumbnail (I didn’t do this)

2. Mix the meat with the sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and pepper and let marinate for 15 minutes (or longer if you have time)

3. High the oil in a skillet over medium high heat and brown the garlic.

4. Saute the meat for about 3 minutes and arrange in the center of the chopped veggies.

5. Serve with lemon wedges and hot sauce

2015-04-01 18.55.07

3 tbs fish sauce

1 tbs oyster sauce

1/2 onion diced roughly


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